Kelly Tomasi

Kelly and Kelci Tomasi were added to our team in early 2014 after a “casual” Wednesday night visit with Lake Cities. We quickly discovered several prior connections and helped send them to Niteroi, Brazil (near Rio) to join a team there.  The World Cup helped them meet many new friends and blend into the culture.

Kelly and Kelci are excited to report that their first youth praise night went very well. There were 20 people in attendance and Kelly was able to speak to the group in Portuguese. They also took advantage of the Valentine holiday (celebrated in June in Brazil) to host a dessert fellowship for couples in the church and contacts nearby. In addition they put on a fall festival, “Festa Junina,” for the children of the community.

Prayer requests:
Praise that the first permit has been obtained to clear the property for the new church location
Continued prayers for patience as they work through the process of building the new church building
Pray that the contacts made by the LST team will bear fruit and those students will be drawn to Jesus
Pray for Kelly and Kelci as the travel during their upcoming furlough

Kelly and Kelsi
Rua Verador Duque Estrada, 109
Apt.702 Santa Rosa, Niterol, RJ