What is Lake Cities all about?

Lake Cities Church of Christ is about three things: (1) Loving God, (2) Loving each other, and (3) Serving as Jesus served. These three areas of focus entail worship, body life, and service projects, and every one of our members is encouraged to take part in at least one activity in each of these three areas. These areas of focus are so important to our church, every activity we undertake falls under one of these three areas and is designed to further the kingdom of God with respect its focus area. See our mission statement page to learn more about our mission.

What does Lake Cities believe?

Please see our convictions page for more about what we believe at Lake Cities.

What Can I expect when I visit Lake Cities?

When you visit Lake Cities, you can expect to be around people that aren’t afraid to acknowledge that they are broken, but have found that because of Jesus, there is always a chance to put the pieces back together. We strive to be “just one beggar telling another beggar where to find bread.” You can also expect to be welcomed and challenged to seek out God in your life. Lake Cities is a community of people who love people -and who enjoy serving each other and the community. We strive to create an atmosphere where worshipping God is uplifting and enjoyable -a great place to learn about God.

What is a typical worship service like?

Every week, you’ll find the following common elements in our services:

  • Worship – Our worship is more than the songs we sing. We want to bring glory to God in every aspect of our services. Whether singing or praying or watching our children give in a time of offering, we seek to honor God as a family and to draw closer to Him.
  • Communion – In an effort to constantly be reminded of the sacrifice of Jesus, we have chosen to take part in communion (i.e. the “Lord’s Supper”) every Sunday. We invite all followers of Jesus to take part in this special time.  During this time, you will be offered a small piece of bread and a small cup of juice to symbolize the body and blood of Jesus Christ who sacrificed himself for us.
  • Offering – The offering is a time when the members of the Lake Cities family can contribute financially to the work that is done both locally and abroad. Our children set the example for us by leading us in this time of giving. We encourage everyone to make a weekly offering to God, both financially and through service to others. While this weekly act of worship is for our church body, it is not an expectation placed on our guests, though they are welcome to join.
  • Message – The message, or sermon, is designed to educate and spiritually challenge each of us. However, we believe that the focus of the message should be to equip and encourage us to take the love of Christ beyond the walls of our church and into our daily lives.
  • Kids Praise & Kids Celebration:
    • Kids Praise is a high energy, kid friendly, God-centered experience for children 3 years old through the 3rd grade. Kids Praise occurs almost every Sunday Morning during a portion of our service and is an incredible opportunity for kids to offer praise, learn truth, and experience community in an environment specifically targeted to where they are developmentally.
    • Kids Celebration is a time for our children grades 3 through 5 to meet together for an interactive, creative time of learning scripture from God’s word. Friendships are developed and relationships are built as children encourage, love and support each other in meeting the spiritual goals they have set for themselves. Kids Celebration occurs every second and fourth Sunday during a portion of our worship service.
  • Shepherd’s Prayer – We believe that prayer is an incredible gift God has given us as a way to connect with Him both individually and collectively. Each Sunday, our shepherds pray over the specific needs of our family while asking God to bless each of us with opportunities to be Jesus in the upcoming week.

How can my family get connected?

There are a number of ways to get connected at Lake Cities. If you are new to Lake Cities or interested in learning more about the family, you are invited to a welcome luncheon we call Lake Cities 101. Held once a month, this meal time is a great opportunity to get to know some of the staff and leadership of this church as well as asking questions in an informal setting. It’s a small group designed specifically for the new members of the Lake Cities family.

Apart from Lake Cities 101, we encourage our members to become involved in small groups. With some exceptions, most are held on Sundays during the afternoon or evenings. Our diverse groups will meet you where you are while providing encouragement and accountability in your daily walk with God. Please visit our Small Groups page for more information.

You are also welcome to approach any one of us, including the shepherds and staff, and we will do our best to help your family get connected at Lake Cities.

How do I learn more about Lake Cities?

You’re doing it! You’re welcome to continue to browse our website, as we’ve designed it to be a great introduction to our church. However, we know that the church is more than just words and videos on web pages, so come meet us! If you have any further questions, you are welcome to contact us.