The Book of Romans

Jeff Brooks – Auditorium

Come jump into the life-challenging message of the book of Romans. Martin Luther remarked that if all other scripture was lost, the book of Romans could still get us to Heaven. We will go verse by verse and line by line, so you won’t miss one thrilling passage. The apostle Paul speaks passionately to a Roman audience about the Jewish roots of a universal call to follow Christ. You don’t want to miss this!

One Month to Live – Thirty days to a No-Regrets life

Dick McGinn – Fellowship Room

This is a six week video series that will be viewed and discussed in the class. “Why wait to answer the longings of your heart? In One Month to Live, Kerry and Chris Shook show you how to stop waiting for ‘someday’ and start now to make each day really matter.”. The series isn’t a focus on death and dying, but on living each day to the fullest as a child of God. The class central theme continues to be ‘Eternal End Game – Abundant Life.’