Sunday Morning Bible Classes

God According to God – Fellowship Hall (Lead by Various Teachers)

What if we let God tell us more about who God is? God reveals many things about himself when he gives Moses and Israel a summary statement in Exod 34:6-7.  This class will look at what God tells us about Himself.

The Word of God for the People of God: The Sermons in Deuteronomy – Auditorium (Lead by Jim McDoniel)

This class will examine how Deuteronomy applies to today’s church as we live as God’s people in a foreign land.  Examine questions like “how do we remain faithful to God in the midst of pressure to forget God?”,  “How do God’s people live in harmony in the midst of changing surroundings?”, “How do we serve God in abundance and in loss?” and more.

God said…and it was so:  A look at when God spoke – Jeff’s Office (Lead by Eric Brunson)

This class will examine the characteristics of God by looking at when God spoke in the Old Testament Texts.  What do His words and actions tell us about the character of the God? 

Wednesday NIGHT Ladies Bible Class

All ladies of the congregation are welcome to come together to open the scriptures and dig into God’s Word every Wednesday night at 6:45. We have developed beautiful relationships in this group and look forward to newcomers joining in. We are in a series of lessons by Cynthia Heald. “Becoming a Woman of Prayer” was an excellent study we just finished, currently in “Becoming a Woman whose God is Enough.”