Sunday Morning Bible Classes

The Son Of Man – Fellowship Hall (Lead by Bob Quinn and Clayton Woods)

Son of Man was Jesus’ own personal and deliberately chosen title for Himself. How did Jesus see Himself? How should we see Him? How can we identify with this Son of Man?

Poured Out: A Study Of The Holy Spirit – Auditorium (Lead by Jeff Brooks and Jim McDoniel)

The Holy Spirit is the presence of God here with us now. We will study the Trinity and what the Bible says about who the Spirit is. We will examine what the Spirit does today, with the goal of helping us all to live confident, peace-filled lives, depending daily on the Spirit.

Wednesday NIGHT Ladies Bible Class

All ladies of the congregation are welcome to come together to open the scriptures and dig into God’s Word every Wednesday night at 6:45. We have developed beautiful relationships in this group and look forward to newcomers joining in. We are in a series of lessons by Cynthia Heald. “Becoming a Woman of Prayer” was an excellent study we just finished, currently in “Becoming a Woman whose God is Enough.”