Jeff Brooks

Jeff has served as our Senior Minister since September 2011.  A passionate and gifted speaker, he loves to teach the simple truth of the Bible in an engaging and memorable way.  He describes himself primarily as a sinner saved by grace.  A proud graduate of Abilene Christian University, Jeff has served churches first as a…

Trey & Robyn O’Connell

Trey and his wife Robyn have 2 children. They have been married for 26 years. Trey is the general manager for CEVA government services. Trey and Robyn have been members since 2011.

Cletus & Karen Moore

Cletus and his wife Karen have 4 children and 2 grandchildren. They have been married for 34 years. Cletus is a realtor. Cletus and Karen have been members since 2012.

Tye & Jere Lamberth

Tye and his wife Jere have 4 children. They have been married for 23 years. Tye is the owner/vice president and general counsel of GST manufacturing. Tye and Jere have been members since 2009.

David & Wendy Bell

David and his wife Wendy have 2 children and 4 grandchildren. They have been married for 40 years. David is a business continuity consultant. David and Wendy have been members since 2011. He is currently serving as a deacon and has been involved in multiple ministries.

David & Jan Johnson

David and his wife Jan have 2 children. They have been married for 49 years. David is a retired engineer. David and Jan have been members since 1999. David was previously an elder for 9 years and is a leader of our Empty Nester Group.

Gary & Jennifer Williams

Gary and his wife Jennifer have 2 children and 1 grandchild. They have been married for 43 years. Gary is a Hospice chaplain with VNA Texas. Gary and Jennifer have been members since 2008. Gary is a member of the missions committee.

Kelly & Leah Valtr

Kelly and his wife Leah have 3 children. They have been married for 25 years. Kelly is a Sr. chief engineer for Eaton Aerospace. Kelly and Leah have been members since 2006. 

Vittorio Vitalone

Vittorio and Tonia Vitalone Viale Lina Cavalieri 58 00139 Rome, Italy Phone 39-06.97998626 Click here for a current newsletter from Vittorio (posted March 25). Vittorio and Tonia Vitalone live in Rome, Italy. Vittorio is an anesthesiologist by trade and a teacher/preacher by choice. He works as a doctor three or four days a week to…

Franco Verardi

Update – 3/12/20 – Brethren, what we were hoping wouldn’t happen, is now here. Today, the director general of the OMS declared a pandemic state. Italy is second only to China in terms of the number of infected people. As of March 11: 1059 sick, 827 deaths, 12462 healed. Today, our Prime Minister decreed that…