Roberto Rubio, Jr.

Roberto Rubio, Sr.

In 2003, Roberto Rubio, Sr., was baptized into Christ while he was living in Texas. He began worshipping and studying with Lake Cities and soon felt that God was calling him to return to Mexico and teach his family about Jesus. Roberto, Sr. taught and baptized his wife, Esperanza, and their children, Robert Jr., Ximena, Fabiola and Jazmin. Christians in Fort Worth raised support to send Roberto, Sr. to a preaching school in Toluca, Mexico, where he graduated in 2005. He then moved his family to Leon, Mexico where he and Esperanza began ministering to a congregation and helping an orphanage.

Inspired by his father’s life change and example, Betillo (Roberto, Jr.) went to a preaching school in Quito, Ecuador in order to prepare himself also for ministry. While there, he met Jessie McBride and they were married in 2013. Jessie’s parents were American missionaries in Ecuador and Peru for many years.

Two years ago, in 2016, Roberto, Sr., became ill with cancer and died, surrounded by his loving family and greatly mourned by Lake Cities and all who knew him.

Betillo (Roberto, Jr.) and Jessie now lead and continue the ministry in Leon that his father began. Known also as Beto, Betillo is busy teaching, preaching and helping with community service efforts around Leon. Last year Betillo and Jessie welcomed their first child, Samara, into the world.

Lake Cities continues to be very connected to this good work. Every Sunday, the funds that our children put in the “children’s jars” in front of the assembly go directly to the orphanage in Leon. This summer (2018), Lake Cities members and teenagers created a one-week dental clinic and youth mission trip to help the church in Leon.

  • Please pray…
    For Roberto, Sr.’s widow, Esperanza, and their children and the entire Leon congregation, as they continue to grieve the death of Roberto, Sr.
  • For the orphanage workers and all of the children they are helping.
  • For the Leon Church of Christ to experience God’s power and continue to grow healthy, shine brightly and minster effectively throughout the Leon community.

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