Franco Verardi

Update – 3/12/20 –

Brethren, what we were hoping wouldn’t happen, is now here. Today, the director general of the OMS declared a pandemic state. Italy is second only to China in terms of the number of infected people. As of March 11: 1059 sick, 827 deaths, 12462 healed. Today, our Prime Minister decreed that coffee shops, restaurants, any other stores, will need to stay closed. Only pharmacies and grocery stores will remain open. Public transportation is running at 10% capacity.

We are all in our homes. We can only leave to get food or medicine and we have to do it by first filling out a form letting the government know our whereabouts. Every morning I wake up, hoping this whole situation is just a bad dream. But as soon as I turn the tv on, on every channel, you hear of only the corona virus and it brings me back to the hard reality. I’m trying to meet people on- line for prayer, Bible studies, and on Sundays for worship.
During this time, since many are home from work and aren’t receiving a paycheck and we don’t know how the government will help families in need, people are struggling to put food on table and make ends meet. Anything you could help us with would be appreciated and welcomed.

Recently, with some funds we had, we helped some sisters from China living in Italy. They have lost their jobs because of this illness and they couldn’t leave their home to buy food, because of how people would treat them due to being citizen from where the virus came from.

If you are interested in helping, please reply and would be glad to send you more information on how to make a donation.
Please keep praying for us!

HOW MUCH I miss a hug, a pat on the back, a kiss from a friend or brother.
HOW MUCH I miss a handshake, the noise of a crowd, the children running in the supermarkets isles.

HOW MUCH I would like to sneeze and not be seen as an “unclean” person, to dine out with friends; and even the embrace of my parents.

I am sure that when all this will end, I will appreciate much more what I took for granted before, today I already see it as a great blessings!
your, Franco

Franco Verardi travels weekly to churches – preaching, teaching, and mentoring youth – all over Italy and across the Mediterranean to Albania. Franco often works alongside Vittorio Vitalone in these efforts.

Many small congregations in Italy struggle without enough preachers or church leaders, and they call often upon Franco for help. By supporting effective Italian evangelists and preachers such as Franco and Vittorio, Lake Cities is able to help numerous churches throughout the entire country.

Lake Cities supports the Verardi family in partnership with churches in Golden, Colorado; Owasso, Oklahoma; Ovilla, Texas; and other individuals and churches in the US and in Italy.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for continued health and energy for Franco and AnnaMaria all of their travels. Pray for God to give them grace, wisdom and courage as they battle spiritual warfare daily.
  • Pray especially for the Italian congregations in Pistoia and Naples to which God has called Franco to dedicate extra energy in minister, teach and encourage.
  • Pray for the selected young men throughout Italy who Franco and Vittorio are mentoring, and for all of the young people who participate in their annual youth camp for Italian young people, Moments on the Mountain. Pray that God will empower them all to become strong church leaders.
  • Pray for Boagernes, the annual retreat for young Christians throughout Western Europe, which Franco and Vittorio have created and lead each year.

Francisco and AnnaMaria
Via della Liberta, 44
72022 – Latiano (BR)