Franco Verardi

Franco Verardi travels weekly to churches – preaching, teaching, and mentoring youth – all over Italy and across the Mediterranean to Albania. Franco often works alongside Vittorio Vitalone in these efforts.

Many small congregations in Italy struggle without enough preachers or church leaders, and they call often upon Franco for help. By supporting effective Italian evangelists and preachers such as Franco and Vittorio, Lake Cities is able to help numerous churches throughout the entire country.

Lake Cities supports the Verardi family in partnership with churches in Golden, Colorado; Owasso, Oklahoma; Ovilla, Texas; and other individuals and churches in the US and in Italy.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for continued health and energy for Franco and AnnaMaria all of their travels. Pray for God to give them grace, wisdom and courage as they battle spiritual warfare daily.
  • Pray especially for the Italian congregations in Pistoia and Naples to which God has called Franco to dedicate extra energy in minister, teach and encourage.
  • Pray for the selected young men throughout Italy who Franco and Vittorio are mentoring, and for all of the young people who participate in their annual youth camp for Italian young people, Moments on the Mountain. Pray that God will empower them all to become strong church leaders.
  • Pray for Boagernes, the annual retreat for young Christians throughout Western Europe, which Franco and Vittorio have created and lead each year.

Francisco and AnnaMaria
Via della Liberta, 44
72022 – Latiano (BR)