Franco Verardi

Franco and AnnaMaria Ferardi work alongside the Vitalones working mainly with youth from all over Italy. Italy has about 50 small congregations that they try to teach and encourage. The Verardis are now supported by Lake Cities as we partner with churches in Golden, Colorado and Ovilla, Texas, individuals from the US as well as brethren and churches in Italy.

Franco Verardi had a very busy May, traveling around Italy and even across the Mediterranean to Albania. His work included speaking at a conference in Rome, speaking at a national church retreat, teaching at a youth rally in Albania, and participating in a Bible Festival at the church in Vicenza.

Prayer Requests:

· Franco’s son, Mino, is serving as a youth intern at a church in Oklahoma
· Summer youth camp, Moments on the Mountain
· Continued health and energy for Franco in all of his travels

Francisco and AnnaMaria
Via della Liberta, 44
72022 – Latiano (BR)