Vittorio Vitalone

Vittorio and Tonia Vitalone
Viale Lina Cavalieri 58
00139 Rome, Italy
Phone 39-06.97998626

Click here for a current newsletter from Vittorio (posted March 25).

Vittorio and Tonia Vitalone live in Rome, Italy. Vittorio is an anesthesiologist by trade and a teacher/preacher by choice. He works as a doctor three or four days a week to support his family, and devotes his energy in the remaining days to serve as an elder at a congregation in Rome and in travels throughout Italy to serve as a teacher, a preacher and a speaker at camps and retreats. Tonia ministers to women’s groups and assists Vittorio in all of these efforts. Vittorio has also written a best-selling book in Italy, Christ’s Death from a Medical Perspective.

This year, Vittorio and Tonia Vitalone plan to visit the States for a few days and connect with churches and friends in Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth and Phoenix.

Prayer requests:

  • For the strength and health of the church in Rome.
  • For the new brothers and sisters who have recently baptized into Christ.
  • For the churches throughout Italy that do not have local preachers or elders to shepherd and guide those congregations.
  • Specifically for the many young people in the congregations throughout Italy, that they will stay strong and rise up as leaders for the church.
  • For Vittorio’s and Tonia’s safety and energy in their travels as they minister and speak at churches and gatherings throughout Italy.