Vitorio Vitalone

Vittori and Tonio Vitalone
Viale Lina Cavalieri 58
00139 Rome, Italy
Phone 39-06.97998626

Vittorio and Tonia Vitalone are our newest missionaries, living in Rome, Italy. Vittorio is an anesthesiologist by trade and a teacher/preacher by choice. He works as a doctor three or four days a week to support his family, and spends the remaining days as an elder at a congregation in Rome, teacher, preacher, speaker at camps and retreats, while Tonia ministers to women’s groups and assists by his side. Vittorio has also written a best selling book in Italy, Christ’s death from a Medical Perspective.

Update (9/9/15):

In May, Vittorio and Tonia Vitalone participated in the retreat at Velletri. Vittorio was one of the organizers of this retreat and he also spoke about spiritual battles. In June, they traveled to the region of Puglia where Vittorio spoke at another summer retreat. They also had the occasion to visit the church in Mesagne and he preached there as well. At the end of the trip they had a chance to take some time to themselves to relax and enjoy this beautiful part of Italy. Back at home in Rome, Vittorio and Tonia continue to work with their local congregation, preaching and teaching. August is vacation time in Italy, but they have many projects and activities already in the works for the fall.

Prayer requests:

– For the strength and faith of our new sister, Anaiz Belmont, who was recently baptized
– For the churches throughout Italy that do not have a preacher or elders to guide and strengthen the congregation
– Specifically for the young people of the congregations throughout Italy, that they will stay strong and rise up as leaders for the church
– For Vittorio’s safety and energy in all of his many travels to speak at different churches throughout Italy